Caring for your AeroSafe cover.

Instructions regarding your CoversShop AeroSafe cockpit/cowling cover, and caring for it.

Firstly, installing it on your aircraft:

  • You may have noticed the cover is packed in its bag inside out. This is done on purpose to make putting it on much easier.
  • Take the cover out of its bag and sort out front from back (there is an easy way to tell without unrolling the cover – the front is a different colour where it goes around the prop).
  • Once you have found this, put the cover on top of your engine cowling with the front pointing towards your prop.
  • Now unroll the cover down the plane over your cockpit.
  • If the sides haven't dropped down as you've done this, drop them down now.
  • You will now see the cover is sitting with the correct surface on the outside.
  • Adjust the sit of the cover, and finally add the straps that go under your fuselage.

For a high wing aircraft, you will need to separate the cover so that it goes over your cockpit, as well as under your wings. Velcro fastens it together behind the wings, as well as straps that run under the wing and buckle up behind it.

To pack the cover up, simply reverse this procedure folding the cover inwards and then rolling it up before putting it back in its bag.

To clean your cover:

  • Use warm soapy water (washing up liquid is fine) and gently sponge the cover down. Probably easiest to do while in place on your plane.
  • Don't put it in a washing machine! The various proofing treatments will not withstand this.
  • If any oil or grease gets on the cover, a degreaser such as Gunk can be used.
  • It is best not to cover a dirty plane, but if any dirt does get on the underside of the cover, again sponge it off with warm soapy water.