Caring for your Concerto Cover.

Fitting and looking after your CoversShop Concerto piano cover.

Determine which end is which of the cover. The cover is quite lightweight, but it is still easiest to fit over one end first. We suggest starting at the keyboard end and fitting it around the keyboard and then working your way to the back end pulling it down the sides of the piano.

To clean your cover:

  • Use warm (not hot) soapy water (a dash of washing up liquid is fine), and sponge the cover down lightly to remove dust.
  • If any liquid is spilt on the cover, remove by using warm soapy water and dabbing with a sponge immediately.
  • Don't put it in a washing machine! The fabric treatments will not withstand this, even if it will fit.


Do not cover a dusty piano. Make sure the piano is polished first.

Beware of any sharp points. Unless covered with an old glove or something similar, they are likely to damage the cover.