• Our concerto piano covers are not for sale on eBay or Amazon. Please contact us for a quote.

Concerto Padded Piano Covers

A piano cover is a superb solution to stop your piano's polished wood getting knocked, bumped, scratched, or covered in water marks from coffee cups or plant pots. Easily installed on your piano by just dropping it over.

The cover is made in 2 layers. Firstly there is a 5mm thick foam which protects against any knocks or bumps or sharp edges that might come into contact with you piano. To this we sew a waterproof nylon which will protect against spills and water marks. Available in 4 different colours.

If your piano is in a position where it gets walked past or placed such that it is convenient to put a cup of coffee on, then what better way to ensure no harm comes to it? If you are lucky enough to have your piano in such a position that it is out of the way and available only to those who play it, then this cover will also protect it from dust and anything else that could settle on it.

concerto padded piano cover

  • Easily used to protect your piano.
  • Some piano covers from stock, other piano covers made to order at the same price.
  • Protect your piano from knocks and spills at home, at work or during transit.
  • Available in two heights, keyboard and full height.
  • Comes in a subtle glossy black finish (as photographs) and now also available in 3 great new colours.
  • Manufactured with an inner face of a soft brushed nylon, an outer face of a soft proofed nylon, sandwiching a 4mm layer of foam.
  • Also comes with an outer face of a silver polyester UV reflective fabric at no extra cost.
  • Great for protecting from sunlight damage in conservatories and other bright places.
  • All our piano covers are supplied with a storage bag
concerto padded piano cover in three different colours

Technical Information

Use a CoversShop Concerto Padded Piano Cover to protect your piano from:

  • Knocks, scratches and spills from passers by.
  • Dirt and airborne dust particles.
  • Ultra-violet light and radiation, great for protecting from sunlight in bright places.
  • Highly effective theft deterrent.
  • All our covers are supplied with their own storage bag.

Protect from UV rays all year round and the heat of summertime. Protect from airborne dust particles. Protect from knocks ad spills. Protect from scratches, cats and rats etc. Breathable fabric for the ultimate protection.

  • Our concerto piano covers are not for sale on eBay or Amazon. Please contact us for a quote.
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