• Our indoor car covers are not currently for sale on eBay or Amazon. If you are interested in one then please contact us for a quote.

Cerberus Indoor Car Covers

If you are looking specifically for an inside-use cover then you need look no further than our Cerberus Indoor Car Cover.

A wonderful silky fabric cover that not only caresses your car, but gives your car 100% protection from dust and any other dirt that can fall on it. It is marvelously lightweight, and so easy to use you will wonder why you didn’t get one sooner!

Cerberus Indoor car cover covering the whole car.

Most of the different sizes of indoor cover incorporate a door-zip (with an inner protective flap) on both sides and have an elasticated hem at both ends. This elastication is enough to keep the cover on a car in an enclosed space but in an open space like an open-sided barn you will need to tie the cover down or it will blow off the car.

Technical Specifications
Yarn Nylon
Fabric Type Woven Textile
Fabric Weight 70D
Breathable Yes
Proofing Acrylic
Colour Dark Grey
Use Indoor Car Covers

Cerberus Indoor covers are manufactured using a lightweight silky nylon textile with acrylic proofing to render the material truly dustproof. The cover is breathable, and can be easily washed. We do not use cotton, the traditional material for inside use, because: (a) it is very difficult to make it dust proof, and the treatment to do this does wash out after a few washes. (If you can blow through it, dust can get through!) (b) it is very good at absorbing damp! (think of towels, etc). So damp air in your garage equals a damp "flannel" lying on your car and, without a draft, this might take days to dry at some times of the year!

The Cerberus Indoor car cover offers protection from knocks and spills, dust, cats. The Cerberus car cover is designed for continuous ingarage use.

Dustproof indoor car cover.
Suitable for use in:
Enclosing barn or shed
Underground parking structures
Further securing needed for use in:
Garage with no doors
Open sided barn or shed
Over ground parking structures

The nylon textile used in the manufacture of the Cerberus Indoor car covers is machine washable and dries quickly. Every Cerberus cover sold is supplied with an integral bag that the cover quickly packs down into.

Protect from the alkaline burning and colour staining of bird mess. Protect from airborne dust particles. Protect from knocks from passing people. Protect from scratches, cats and rats etc. Breathable fabric for the ultimate protection. Light and compact for easy storage.

A cerberus indoor car cover in use.

  • Our indoor car covers are not currently for sale on eBay or Amazon. If you are interested in one then please contact us for a quote.
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