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Outdoor Solar Motorbike Cover

As with all our covers, we only use the highest quality textile designed to do the job of protecting what is underneath and this is certainly no different with our Premium motorcycle covers.

Here we have a synergy of two products, combining our Premium high quality cover with a solar battery conditioner to ensure your bike is protected and the battery regulated when you are unable to ride it, or when you store it, especially over any harsh winter weather. Thus ensuring lengthened battery life as well as making sure you don't have any problems with your alarm and immobiliser and ECU.

Premium Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

We have added a special pocket within our Premium covers to slot the solar charger in. It is a clear plastic which allows the light to hit the charger, with a flap at the top of the pocket to ensure rain cannot get in. The wires that connect the charger to your battery go through a specially made hole in the cover behind the pocket - again ensuring no water can ingress this way.

Premium Outdoor Motorcycle Cover
Use a CoversShop Premium Bike Cover to protect your bike from:
  • The environment. Whether it is frost and snow in the wintertime or heat, ultraviolet and dust in the summer. This not only means the panel-work of your bike, but also any chrome and bright-work which can all deteriorate rapidly with UV. Most of our customer's use our covers all year round and report the cover's effectiveness in our mixed UK climate.
  • Animals. Such as birds who’s droppings can do a lot of damage to paintwork; or cats that like to sit on the tank or seat and use their claws for a purchase hold; or if you are storing your bike for a period – from mice who might like to nest in the seat stuffing!
  • Building work. Having some building work done? Or is someone nearby having some work done? Then use our cover to stop all the dust and debris getting on your bike.
Premium Outdoor Motorcycle Cover
  • A traditional battery charger simply keeps charging the battery at the output voltage of the charger (around 14.5v for a 12v battery), and so if you leave it permanently connected it will over-charge the battery, and eventually evaporate the electrolyte, or cause other fatal damage in a gel battery. Don't forget that a 12 volt battery is actually 13.2v (2.2v per cell).
  • Whereas a battery conditioner reduces it's output voltage to match with the battery's voltage as it rises to the correct level, and can therefore be left permanently connected. Conditioners are sometimes referred to as "intelligent" or "smart" or "trickle" chargers.
  • These top quality solar battery chargers can be left outdoor permanently or can operate through windows, allowing them to be used as either permanent or temporary installations.

All our Premium Motorcycle Covers include all round hem elastic, a strap that goes under the frame, and a proper bag to put it in when you aren't using it.

Protect from the alkaline burning and colour staining of bird mess. Protect from sticky tree saps and falling leaves. Protect from the snow and ice of wintertime. Protect from acid rain and industrial pollutants. Protect from UV rays all year round and the heat of summertime. Protect from airborne dust particles. Protect from knocks from passing people. Protect from scratches, cats and rats etc. Breathable fabric for the ultimate protection. Light and compact for easy storage.

Old Scooter Original Lambretta/Vespa
Modern Scooter Piaggio Zip
Small Bike Gilera DNA
Medium Classic Norton Eliminator
Medium Cruiser Triumph TT
Medium Classic + High Screen Ariel Leader
Medium Tourer Moto Guzzi Griso
Modern Sports Bike Suzuki Hyabusa
Medium Tourer + High Screen Suzuki Burgman
Cruiser Yamaha XV Wildstar
Large Tourer Honda Goldwing
  • Our motorcycle solar covers are available for purchase on eBay. Click here to go to our eBay shop.
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