Motorcycle Protection

CoversShop Full Size Premium Outdoor Motorcycle Covers are a range of outdoor protective covers large enough to cover the whole bike.

Premium Outdoor Motorcycle Covers

Use a Premium Outdoor cover when you want to protect your motorbike from the environment, whether it is frost and snow in the wintertime or heat and ultraviolet in the summer. Many of our customers use these covers all year round and report the cover's effectiveness in our mixed UK climate.

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Premium Outdoor Motorcycle Covers

Due to popular demand we have relaunched the Bike Bag. Now available in three sizes making it suitable for most bikes.

Bike Bag Motorcycle Covers

The Bike Bag is a fully enclosable protective cover for motorbikes. The two halves of the cover zip together to completely protect your motorbike.

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Bike Bag Motorbike Covers

A Premium Outdoor Cover combined with a Solar Panel in a clear weatherproof pocket becomes our Motorbike Solar Cover.

Outdoor Solar Cover for Motorbikes

The perfect combination of a superb high quality cover with a battery conditioner to ensure your bike is protected and the battery regulated when you are unable to ride it - especially over any harsh winter weather.

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Motorbike Solar Cover

CoversShop Motorcycle Top Covers are a range of outdoor protective covers that are designed to cover the top half of your motorcycle.

Outdoor Top Cover for Motorbikes

Two sizes are suitable for most motorbikes - up to large engine touring motorbikes. Keep your seat and electrics dry in the worst of weathers.

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Motorbike Top Cover

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