• Our outdoor car covers are not currently for sale on eBay or Amazon. If you are interested in one then please contact us for a quote.

Premium Outdoor Car Covers

For an outdoor cover that impeccably looks after your car, you need a CoversShop Premium Outdoor Cover. Our cover is everything you need to keep your car in immaculate condition, whether you use it daily or are storing it for a long period of time.

Your car is an asset as well as an investment and a devotion, you have spent money to acquire it and it is meant to serve a particular purpose, so you need to take the right steps to protect it and ensure that it lasts a long time.

Premium outdoor car cover covering the whole car.

We have deliberately chosen to make our covers from a textile of high quality that is both lightweight and incredibly strong making it so much easier to use than thick multi-layered heavy covers. Align with this the fact that this textile is perfect for accepting various proofs, and you have the right fabric for a car cover that does the job superbly.

What you get is a highly breathable cover so your car does not get any condensation on it combined with a UV reflective proof so that that horrifying wavelength from the sun cannot damage your car as would otherwise be the case, combined with a proof that stops acidic things like bird droppings and tree sap attacking your paintwork.

Use a CoversShop Premium Outdoor Car Cover to protect your car from:
  • The environment. Whether it is frost and snow in the wintertime or heat, ultraviolet and dust in the summer. This not only means the exterior of your car, but also leatherwork, woodwork, fabrics and plastic because all deteriorate rapidly with UV. Most of our customer's use our covers all year round and report the cover's effectiveness in our mixed UK climate.
  • Animals. Such as birds who’s droppings can do a lot of damage to paintwork; or cats that like to sit on the bonnet or roof and use their claws for a purchase hold; or if you are storing your car for a period – from mice who might like to nest, or even use carpet to make their nest! Or even from Peacocks… We have one customer who has Peacocks in his grounds and they see their reflection in his car’s paintwork and peck at it…
  • Building work. Having some building work done? Or is someone nearby having some work done? Then use our cover to stop all the dust and debris getting on your car.

Technical Information

Our premium outdoor car covers are made from a 150D woven textile, proofed with an aluminised finish to reflect ultra-violet sunlight and heat. We control the specification of the proofing to ensure 90% water proof without losing the breathability. We have not found any fabric/material that achieves the Holy Grail of 100% waterproof (that is totally impervious to water) yet is breathable. It seems to us that this is a contradiction; you can have one or the other, not both. True, there are fabrics that supposedly achieve this when used as outer clothing (e.g. Gore-Tex). The catch is that the breathability is forced by the warmth of the body wearing it; rather difficult with a vehicle cover!

Technical Specifications
Yarn Polyester
Fabric Type Woven Textile
Fabric Weight 150D
Breathable Yes
Proofing Polyurethane
Finish Aluminised
Use Outdoor Car Covers

CoversShop's Premium Outdoor Car Cover, offers protection from natural pollutants like bird droppings and tree sap, snow and ice, acid rain, industrial pollutants, dust and airborne dirt, ultra-violet radiation, hot sunshine. This is a car cover that has been designed for and is suitable for continuous outdoor use. The Outdoor car cover offers a very effective theft deterrent.

Weatherproof outdoor car cover.
The fabric complies with
BS5066 (resistance to shower)
BS3702 (resistance to wetting)
BS3424 (water vapour permeability)
British Standards Institute

Most of the different sizes of cover in the Premium Outdoor Car Covers incorporate a door-zip (with an inner protective flap) on both sides for both driver and passenger doors. The Outdoor car covers have all-round hem elastic and include underneath strap(s) and a tie at each corner for strong winds. All our Outdoor covers are supplied with a holdall and at least one underbody strap, most have two or more.

Protect from the alkaline burning and colour staining of bird mess. Protect from sticky tree saps and falling leaves. Protect from the snow and ice of wintertime. Protect from acid rain and industrial pollutants. Protect from UV rays all year round and the heat of summertime. Protect from airborne dust particles. Protect from knocks from passing people. Protect from scratches, cats and rats etc. Breathable fabric for the ultimate protection. Light and compact for easy storage.

A premium outdoor car cover in use.
  • Our outdoor car covers are not currently for sale on eBay or Amazon. If you are interested in one then please contact us for a quote.
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