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CabCover Half Car Covers

CabCover half size car covers are quickly placed on or off your car and easily packs away in its own holdall. Our CabCover helps keep all your windows clean (of frost and dirt) and helps cool the cockpit area in summer. Our range of CabCovers has tripled in the last year with a lot of new models tailor made for individual cars.

There are many reasons for using our CabCover with nearly all of them revolving around the fact they are easy to use and less burdensome than full covers.

CabCover outdoor half car cover protecting the cab area of a car.

The fact they are so easy to use means short term use of only hours or minutes is simple. Which means you can easily hide things like valuables at the same time as protecting your car. On hot days they are especially useful to keep the interior of your car cool. And just as effective at stopping frost building up on your windows on freezing days, whether it is a quick trip to the shops or for use overnight so you don’t have to spend valuable minutes in the morning getting rid of ice!

Our CabCover is everything you need for short term comfort satisfaction.

We have deliberately chosen to make our covers from a textile of high quality that is both lightweight and incredibly strong making it so much easier to use than thick multi-layered heavy covers. Align with this the fact that this textile is perfect for accepting various proofs, and you have the perfect fabric for a car cover that does the job superbly.

Technical Specifications
Yarn Polyester
Fabric Type Woven Textile
Fabric Weight 150D
Breathable Yes
Proofing Polyurethane
Finish Aluminised
Use Outdoor Car Covers

About our choice of fabric:- this fabric is unique and so we control the specification of the proofing to ensure 90% water resistance without losing the breathability. Therefore the fabric is breathable. We have not found any fabric / material that achieves the Holy Grail of 100% waterproof (that is totally impervious to water) and also breathable. It seems to us that this is a contradiction; you can have one or the other, not both. True, there are fabrics that supposedly achieve this when used as outer clothing (eg Goretex). The catch is that the breathability is forced by the warmth of the body wearing it; rather difficult with a car cover!

CabCover car cover, protecting against the elements.
The fabric complies with
BS5066 (resistance to shower)
BS3702 (resistance to wetting)
BS3424 (water vapour permeability)
British Standards Institute

Breathable material suitable for continuous outdoor use, protecting against the freezing ravages of winter and the heat and Ultraviolet of summer. A simple to use strap system holds the CabCover on the car, a cover can be placed on the car or removed and placed back into its holdall within 90 seconds.

Protect from the alkaline burning and colour staining of bird mess. Protect from sticky tree saps and falling leaves. Protect from the snow and ice of wintertime. Protect from acid rain and industrial pollutants. Protect from UV rays all year round and the heat of summertime. Breathable fabric for the ultimate protection. Light and compact for easy storage.

Worried that it might rain later, slip on a CabCover.

  • Our outdoor car cab covers are for sale on eBay. Click here to go to the eBay shop.
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