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Premium Outdoor Mobility Scooter Covers

Is your mobility scooter subjected to our weather because you have to leave it outside? Does it get knocked or gather dust if you store it inside? Do you find yourself cleaning it or drying the seat before using it? Then what better way to protect it than with this high quality tailored protective cover.

These covers are great for protecting the considerable investment that is your electric scooter and have been designed to give a tailored fit for most models of mobility scooter. Our covers are not manufactured from the same cheap green polyethylene fabric you will see used by other sellers. We also supply our covers in a variety of sizes.

We use a proper textile of the highest quality that has over 20 years proven protection performance and is made specifically to our requirements. It is designed to be used continuously outdoors where it will last much longer than polyethylene due to the UV reflective proof we add (UV destroys polyethylene very quickly). Covers made from this textile can also be used inside a storage area such as your shed or garage.

Premium Outdoor Mobility Scooter Covers

These outdoor-use protective covers have been designed to give a tailored fit. They are suitable if your mobility scooter is in every day use, or only used occasionally, and can be used continuously outdoors as well as inside a storage area such as a shed or conservatory, or even in your hall.

In our research for designing these mobility scooter covers we discovered that the majority of mobility scooters have the same width and height and only differ in their length. The height being 39" and the width being 26". This research also showed that manufacturing these covers in just three different lengths would provide covers that comfortably fit 90% of mobility scooters. The three lengths of cover needed were 30, 45, and 50 inches.

Dimensions for the three sizes are:

  • MSC30: Length 30" Width 26" Height 39"
  • MSC45: Length 45" Width 26" Height 39"
  • MSC50: Length 50" Width 26" Height 39"

Please check the overall length of your mobility scooter before purchasing. The length we state is a straight line front to back measurement at the longest part of the scooter. A simple measurement using a tape measure positioned on the ground next to the scooter will determine what length yours is. Please don't hesitate to ask if you are unsure.

If your mobility scooter has a significantly different overall length or width or height to the three lengths mentioned above, we can make a cover especially for you. When making your purchase (the "made to your dimensions" option in the drop down box) please either send us a separate email, or tell us in the notes box at the PayPal payment screen, the dimensions you want us to make it to (length, height to seat and height to handlebars, and width. Also tell us make and model). Allow 4-5 weeks for us to manufacture your mobility scooter cover for you if choosing this option.

  • Our premium covers offer protection from natural pollutants like bird droppings and tree sap, snow and ice, acid rain, industrial pollutants, dust and airborne dirt, ultra-violet radiation, hot sunshine.
  • Superb for outside use; the aluminised finish doing its best to get rid of the UV before it causes damage, by reflecting it away.
  • Also acts as a heat reflector. On the other hand can be used indoors.
  • Intended for all-year-round outdoor use.
  • Highly effective theft deterrent.
  • All are supplied with a storage bag.
  • Simply designed for use by less mobile people.

Technical Information

Use a CoversShop Premium Outdoor Mobility Scooter Cover to protect your scooter from:

  • Protection from natural pollutants like bird droppings and tree sap, snow and ice, acid rain, industrial pollutants,
  • ultra-violet radiation and hot sunshine if used outside. Also protects from dust and airborne dirt if used inside.
  • Suitable for all-year-round outdoor use as well as being used inside.
  • Highly effective theft deterrent.
  • All our covers are supplied with their own storage bag.
Technical Specifications
Yarn Polyester
Fabric Type Woven Textile
Fabric Weight 150D
Breathable Yes
Proofing Polyurethane
Finish Aluminised
Use Outdoor Mobility Scooter Covers

We always use breathable fabrics suitable for continuous outdoor use, protecting against the freezing ravages of winter and the heat and Ultraviolet of summer. A simple to use strap system holds the cover in place.

The fabric complies with
BS5066 (resistance to shower)
BS3702 (resistance to wetting)
BS3424 (water vapour permeability)
British Standards Institute

Protect from the alkaline burning and colour staining of bird mess. Protect from sticky tree saps and falling leaves. Protect from the snow and ice of wintertime. Protect from acid rain and industrial pollutants. Protect from UV rays all year round and the heat of summertime. Protect from airborne dust particles. Protect from scratches, cats and rats etc. Breathable fabric for the ultimate protection.

  • Our premium mobility scooter covers are available for purchase on eBay. Click here to go to our eBay store.
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