The Ultimate Car Present

What do you get a car person who already has everything they want? How about a tailor made Union Jack Indoor cotton car cover.

These covers are tailor made to individual cars and take about 6 weeks to manufacture. They are made here in the UK and as you can imagine are quite time consuming to manufacture, but I am sure you will agree the final product is beautiful and will be cherished almost as much as the car.

Union Jack Car Cover

As stated above manufacture time is 6 weeks so you need to plan ahead if you want to give one of these as a present.

These covers come in two price brackets. 699 and 799. The covers are always tailor made, we just like to keep the pricing structure simple.

The 699 price bracket covers cars in the size range of Mini to E-Type. The 799 price bracket covers larger cars such as Jaguar XJ12 and Range Rover sized vehicles. If you want a cover for a car that is outside these sizes then please contact us before purchasing a cover.

If you are sure about which size bracket your car fits into then you can purchase a cover below. Additional information may still be needed by us as these covers are tailor made to the individual car.

We understand that not everyone wants to buy off the web. If you want to telephone us and make your purchase with a credit or debit card then don't hesitate to call us on 07940 775775

Please don't hesitate to call us on 07940 775775 if you are at all unsure which price bracket you need to select.

Car Size


All of the prices include VAT. We deliver free to anywhere on the GB mainland. We will also post elsewhere. Please select the appropriate postage cost below. This extra cost must be added once for every cover you purchase. If you end up paying too much postage we will refund you the difference after we have completed dispatching your covers.
Postage Costs Outside of GB Mainland.


These covers are made to order and take 6 weeks to manufacture.